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Our Environments


Our Nursery environment is specifically designed to cater for each child's needs from 6 weeks to 2 years. Children's transition into an early learning education and care setting, can be one of the biggest changes for the child and their families. We understand the importance of forming close and meaningful connections with each individual child and their families. Our Educators focus is to create a supportive and collaborative environment, that enables all children, families and stakeholders to feel a sense of belonging and security within the space. We aim to create continuity between the children's home and care environment to enable them to flourish and further develop in both settings. We hold a strong focus towards child-lead learning and providing the children with opportunities to develop their emerging independence as they achieve their individual developmental milestones.

The layout of the environment has been created to bring the outdoors in and for all children to be able to explore the natural world around them. Our outdoor environment has direct access into the services Farmhouse and the children are able to interact with our animals during outside play and with visits with their Educators. Our yard environment has space that enables the children's gross motor development to be further challenged, with undulating slopes, large rocks and stable services to promote all children's progression from crawling to walking.


In our Toddler environment the children are supported in a nurturing setting that enables them to explore the world around them with confidence and a sense of wonder. We hold a strong belief that children thrive when they are provided with familiar Educators and routines, that promote positive guidance and predictable outcomes. We aim to nurture each child’s individuality and create spaces that enable children to explore their individual interests whilst engaging in play-based learning. We support children as we promote their emerging independence, self-help skills and emotional resilience throughout all aspects of our daily routine. We view each child as an individual and create opportunities for them to grow and develop according to their needs. We take time to get to know each child in our care, learning their ways of communicating, whether that be through verbal or nonverbal forms of communication. We value family input into our space and are always seeking families input into our program and learning environment.

In our outdoor environment we engage in community play with all our peers from throughout the service, enabling us opportunities to build connections with other children across all age groups and with all Educators. In our outdoor program we facilitate regular visits to our service animals, furthering our understanding of looking after the environment and interacting with kindness and care.


At Sippy Downs Early Learning our Kindergarten focuses on supporting children's development in preparation for the next step in prep. This is ensured by working closely with local schools to have a clear understanding of the expectation to enter prep for each individual child depending on what school they are looking at attending for Prep.

The Kindergarten provides a fully accredited program of learning that supports the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework.

We have adopted a comprehensive and individualised approach to your Kindergarten child’s learning and development, to best prepare your children for a successful and smooth transition through to Prep.

In the Kindergarten Room our teachers plan opportunities for the children’s holistic learning across the five learning and development areas: identity, connectedness, well-being, active learning and communication.

We believe it is important to focus on the children developing a sense of connectedness to their world. This connectedness helps them relate to the values, traditions and practices of their families, kindergartens, communities, and the wider world. It supports them to learn about the interconnectedness of people and environments. We believe over time; this learning will transform the ways children interact with others and how they think about their world.

You will observe the Kindy children developing a strong sense of well-being through building positive, supportive, and trusting relationships, which develop children’s confidence and optimism. Learning about these important aspects are highlighted in the everyday curriculum and include children’s physical and mental health, personal safety, building resilience and successful social functioning. By doing this our teachers provide the children with the ability to manage change and respond to challenges once transitioned to Prep.

A focus on active learning helps children to build positive dispositions and approaches towards learning. We integrate this into every day to encourage confidence, engagement and involvement in learning, the development of curiosity, problem-solving, creative thinking, and the investigation processes. By developing active learners, the Kindergarten children will develop an understanding of themselves and their world, we encourage children to create their ideas through imaginative and dramatic play.

Within the Kindergarten classroom environments, our qualified Teachers will support your children to build a strong sense of identity through connections with their families, peers, teachers, and communities. We believe through these relationships, the kindergarten children will develop a sense of belonging, confidence in others and in themselves, and an awareness of their own culture. Our goal is for our Kindy children to gain confidence in their abilities, a sense of agency in their decision-making and develop their independence.

To ensure the kindergarten children feel a strong sense of identity and connectedness, our experienced teachers explore the natural world along with engaging our children with literacy through reading, discussions, listening, writing, speaking, and creating in personally meaningful ways to best support your child to become an effective communicator.

During the year our Kindergarten teachers will assess our children’s learning and development as part of everyday play, inquiry, projects, routines and transitions in planned and emergent experiences. Our assessments are ongoing, strengths-based process of gathering, analysing, reflecting on learning then sharing with the children and families.

In these ways we build positive dispositions towards learning and a successful partnership into prep.

Senior Kindy

Our Senior Kindy classroom is inspired on the Reggio Emilia approach to educational philosophy and pedagogy. Our children are capable, creative, competent learners who construct their own learning through play, relationships, and the physical environment we identify the benefits of nature-based, self-directed play and learning.  

The curriculum is developed on the principles of children constructing their own learning through investigation, exploration, discovery, and play.  The program supports independent play and group interactions. Provocations encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to investigate, hypothesise and express themselves. Embedded practices foster children’s holistic wellbeing to build relationships and gain a strong sense of identity, learning respect for themselves and others.

Experiences promote children becoming active citizens, developing a connectedness to others and the world around them.  Children begin to understand their responsibility to their environment and the wider community.    

Our classroom environment is designed to foster children’s creativity with purposeful learning spaces, natural resources and intentional teaching provocations that provide children with opportunities to foster their lines of inquiry, follow their interests and curiosity to learn about the world around them.  

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